The Wildwood Flower Blog's Updated, Finally!

For those of you who've visited in person, you all know that our family shop is mostly filled with my inlaws' excellent stock of antiques and curiosities. They specialize in old Hoosier cabinets, enamel tables, and various kitchen antiques.

The blog for our shop has been in limbo for almost a year since we lost our password and connected email, but today I finally wrested control of it and set myself as admin and started updating. If you're into this kind of stuff, please take a look at the blog for the shop once in a while as it'll be getting regular freshening-up from now on.


Second Time Around

Well, there are always hiccups to any business. The fella who was dead set on coming in-shop to grab that nice old '30s Gibson (L-00-style) Kel Kroydon finally admitted defeat at attempting to get here and it's off of its very long hold. On the up-side, it's been stowed here the whole time and its setup and condition has been perfectly stable and good to go whenever I pulled it out to pick it a bit, so we know how it'll hold up! It's now available in the inventory.

Next-up, the owner of that '44 00-17 moved "sideways" to a bigger guitar and it's available. This one is a heck of a player and comes with a new Martin hard case.

Last-up, I'm letting go of my '30 Vegaphone plectrum banjo -- it's a honey -- for short money. I'm looking to swap-out to an "official" openback model to spare my shoulder (I'm now definitely sure I get worn-out with resonator instruments over a few hours of straight play) instead of removing the resonator and hardware from this one -- which feels like a waste on such a nicely-built instrument.

So, there's those three beauts and several more from the last week to ponder over. Next week I'll be focusing on pushing a bunch of customer-repairs out the door -- so maybe you'll see one of yours "on the block!"

1959 Gibson Country Western Slope Dreadnought Guitar

1920s Schoenhut "Liberty" Sopranino Banjo Ukulele

1960s Harmony Baritone Ukulele


Inventory, Inventory

Please be a little patient with me, folks, but I will be updating the inventory with a score of new instruments as soon as I can. It's been a very, very, full-on week and I've been skimping on the "paperwork" side of things to concentrate on repairs.

1961 Martin 0-18T Flattop Tenor Guitar

2013 Makapili Sinker Redwood Pineapple Tenor Ukulele

2009 Makapili Acacia Pineapple Concert Ukulele

1957 Martin 0-18T Flattop Tenor Guitar

1940s Martin 1T Tenor Ukulele

1960s Favilla Baritone Ukulele