2017 Wildwood Spring Rumbler #1

Ephemera: Sharp Player (1910s)

That's quite the snazzy, early Gibson harp guitar. Note the paddle headstock and pearl trim.

Ephemera: Summer Camp (1920s)

This was from an album of a girl at the Pine Tree Summer Camp in Pennsylvania.

Ephemera: In the Army (1910s)

WWI-era shot taken at Camp Upton on Long Island in New York... with a killer lineup of bowlback mandolin, cello, drums, and piano.

Ephemera: Morning Brass (1890s)

The eBay listing for this tells us it's from a Texas Hill Country antique store.

1920s Harmony-made Supertone Canoe Decal Soprano Ukulele

1950s Emenee Flamingo Plastic Soprano Ukulele

1950s Mastro TV Pal Plastic Soprano Ukulele