I'm Jake Wildwood and Antebellum Instruments is both the name of my business -- located in our family store ("The Wildwood Flower") in Rochester, Vermont -- and also the name of this blog where I post up images, history, and lore about the instruments that I repair, restore, and sell.

I'm self-taught and have been doing this full-time since early 2008 and certainly don't think of myself as a glamorous, high-profile, high-dollar luthier. I'm more of a country doctor. My focus is on recycling old (and new) instruments so they can live another hundred years ("gods willing") in the hands of musicians who will enjoy them. Cheap or fancy, low-brow fixing or high-brow fixing, it's all possible to get them going. I work regularly on $100 guitar-shaped-boxes and $10,000 pieces of guitar-shaped-art. It's all good.

Speaking of the business... I work primarily on pre-WWII (hence "antebellum" -- literally "prewar") guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukes, you name it... and am constantly on the prowl for the nicest and most interesting player's instruments from the c.1850-1950 time period. My work is concentrated around the doc's motto of "do no harm" while also trying to do the best for the, eh, patient! Instruments come out of surgery playing as best as they can with as minimal an amount of modification/work as possible to get them to that point.

I also happen to be a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist as well as a repairman. You can check out my music and download my albums in MP3 for free at my website: www.jakewildwood.com or at my SoundCloud page.

I happen to live right in the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains -- in the White River Valley -- and am thrilled about it. I can't tell you enough about how wonderful and peaceful it is to live up here. If you're ever in the area it's worthwhile to come visit our town as Rochester is a lovely, little, 1000-folk, creative, artsy, and very Vermont place to be.

I have two daughters and a lovely wifey and a very supportive and creative family, which makes life... fun! It's wonderful to be doing work that also involves my passion for music... and I get to play all that stuff before it goes out into the world, too. This is a serious "work perk."